“Everybody tur…

“Everybody turns up eventually. The Chinese say that if you sit by the river long enough, all your enemies float by. Also your friends. Surely your lovers. The Chinese mean it in a bad way, maybe they mean everything in a bad way. I sit by the river in a good way: curiosity always gets the better of the best of people.”


excerpt from “just that way” by elizabeth wurtzel on thought catalog.

not that this excerpt is at all a main topic of the story, which is short and simple and much like junk-food reading: easy and entertaining. she is referring to the way we meet people and let them go and they often, even frequently, turn up again within a lifetime, but it made me think about the river metaphor, which is pretty prevalent in a lot of eastern philosophy. in the tao-te-ching, and in hesse’s “siddartha” it’s supposed to be  calming–the embodiment of inner peace via “acceptance”. but i am thinking that what calms me might make me accept things that don’t need to be accepted, because after all, it seems to be a fine line between acceptance and resignation. I am thinking that i’m tired of sitting by the river. 


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