with the development of our reasoning skills, surely all humans have some sort of mantra with which they keep their uncouth thoughts and impulses under control. as a person who feels frequently overwhelmed by the weight and rapidity of my own thoughts, and who spends most of my time seeking out new methods and ideas to employ to keep myself sane, I thought it might be nice to share my own internal monologues. Nice for whom, I’m not sure. In general, I’m not sure. all of the systems currently at play seem only to be there to determine some superficial concept of relative human worth. maybe we are only even aware of the things we want at all because we’re told that wanting them is what makes all humans inherently similar. “maslow’s hierarchy of needs”, and all the other pyramids and infographics designed to help us understand necessary commonalities were designed by some equally fallible human person trying to combat their own mortality by creating some sort of existential guideline, or rule. If you want to have a rule, mine is to never trust somebody who claims to be sure of anything.

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