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100 years ago one of the only places you could safely learn about dirty things and the lives of others was through books. now, we have the internet. every facet of social media has become, in a way, some vaguely dystopian confessional booth. it’s hard not to get too caught up in our own narratives to focus on those beyond our social circles, beyond the celebrities who serve always as a distraction from real life whether they’re currently playing the idol or the effigy. I consider past thinkers I idolize hunched over their desks for hours alone, searching for a word because contained in the elusive perfect phrase was their only hope to ever have their vision understood beyond a small literary circle. They found some over-arching meaning in this exercise– lifetimes were spent this way. now we spend approximately 45 seconds writing “today was a good day, today was a bad day” when today didn’t matter. we churn out this boring information with delete key in hand, for what? hoping for some some fleeting form of “fame”, recognition, to compete with others. what affinity remains for these perfect sentences of the past? the ideal sentence now is some dull mix of internet wit and irony about the #trending topic of the day. the social aspect of the internet is really sort of #depressing. I guess to me it’s just confusing. alienating. because i pay attention in an attempt to be “contemporary” but i just feel annoyed by most art, most photography, most humor. I am left back in the dust of internet culture with flaubert in my head repeating “my purpose is to set people dreaming”. What room is left for dreaming now, and more importantly, who has the time now that we’re all so busy trying to obtain some temorary #relevance via #selfies and #nudes like so many other modern genuises currently basking in fleeting creative recognition? I’m tired, and I miss something I haven’t even found yet.

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