“Trying”, with a cameo by William Butler Yeats

Recently I have been on a poetry binge as i scramble to get all my ducks in a row to embark on an equally feverish submission binge. I’m sure the failures will end up here and this blog will turn into one long bitter rant about my failed literary dreams. But in order to fail one must first try! So now i begin a new adventure full of this mysterious “trying” exercise, and while i’m at it maybe i’ll also start “trying” to develop a more sophisticated sense of humor based on something other than self-deprecation. anyway, a writing binge is nothing without an accompanying reading binge, so here’s some Yeats that’s really been doing it for me. “I had this thought awhile ago, ‘My darling cannot understand  What I have done, or what would do In this blind bitter land’. And i grew weary of the sun Until my thoughts cleared up again, Remembering that the best I have done Was done to make it plain; That every year I have cried, ‘At length My darling understands it all, Because I have come into my strength, And words obey my call.’ That she had done so who can say What would have shaken from the sieve? I might have thrown poor words away And been content to live.”

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