New York is Weird

New York is weird. Not “weird” weird, but weird in the sense that it’s a different sort of weird than i was expecting. Like for example, people are surprisingly nice here, and actually more polite than the people back home. (pensive aside: is savannah now “home??)

Also, life here is “cooler” than in most places (so I’ve heard) and people seem happier with life in general…and are therefore much more driven to document it constantly. I recently made the mistake of walking the Brooklyn Bridge on a Sunday afternoon and found myself dizzy and afraid, not because of the height, but because of the cell phones, ipads and selfie sticks rotating all around me. It was like a nightmarish carousel of strange people smiling at inanimate technology objects, literally crashing into one another, oblivious to the physical bodies surrounding them. It seemed like some dystopian future where nobody actually observes things with their eyes anymore. Take a picture now and look later if we think of it again. I felt embarrassed for having any feeling about it. So many humans, so many lives, so many pictures filed away in cloud storage, I started wondering if people even take pleasure in doing things anymore, or if all activities are merely some scavenger hunt for social media material.

So naturally i started giving too much thought to this phenomenon I should probably have already accepted and wondered why people have this urge to document everything. The urge isn’t new by any means– cave paintings made by the earliest humans documented everyday scenes, and I think ancient egyptians may have invented the selfie. I watched a gaggle of young girls pose seductively with a sidewalk fire hydrant, hair flipped and mouths puckered, and wonder if it’s because some form of “celebrity” is now accessible to all of us, and is actually extremely achievable, in the form of a. becoming well-known relative to others or b. being acknowledged by those who are, and I started trying to think of that as a cool thing, because in ancient egypt probably only the pharoah and his squad got to be celebrities.

So essentially life is very much the same. Humans have always craved kinship and recognition, now we just have all of these creepy metal apparatuses to help us along the way. A good thing about New York so far is that it’s kept me too busy to think about things so much.

2 thoughts on “New York is Weird

  1. Great article. And nowadays we all chronicle our experiences for an audience, whether flippantly, inadvertently, or sincerely on WordPress ;-).

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