On Being A Hater

If you’re a person who expresses skepticism, criticism or disapproval regularly, and are either under the age of 35 and/or friends with people who appreciate top 40 hip-hop un-ironically, chances are you have been accused of “hating” or worse, being “a hater”.

My thoughts? YOU GO GIRL. I say “girl” because chances are, you’re a girl. That isn’t because girls are necessarily more hateful– our critical thinking skills are just more expansive, and more developed from an early age. We are also more conditioned by society to be critical of ourselves and others. To clarify, I’m not trying to condone actually hating people for superficial reasons, or abusing people for any reason– but I think subjecting all things to ideological and philosophical criticism and scrutiny is healthy and progressive, if not altogether necessary to being an aware human.

With that said, awareness generally, and self-awareness specifically, are not concepts that many people appear to prioritize highly. I’m admittedly nobody to tell anybody what they ought to do (unless you’re my boyfriend, in which case, don’t be!) but here’s a message for the kids, the adult kids, for anyone who cares about the things which there are no objective reasons to care about– Challenge everything! “Throw a little shade” on everything, preferably in a small group of like-minded, open-minded, or -minded at all friends. TALK SHIT ABOUT THINGS! Find your own values, borrow other people’s then give them back, try things and then stop trying so hard, but always think about it! Don’t let anybody tell you “it doesn’t matter.” We all only have one measly, pitiful life; every action we take and every word we speak matters. Of course, never be vain enough to believe these things matter to other people– other people use you and your output merely as gauges for themselves. But let everything which pertains to you matter to you. Be intentional. The renaissance couldn’t have happened if people didn’t hate the dark ages. So don’t be shy to speak your mind about hating things that are bullshit, because chances are someone else will eventually say what you’re thinking and be remembered for it. Someone will hate on that person too.

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