variations on a 2-night theme

Dream 1:

I am in a bungalow with people from my office. we are dressing to go somewhere. I cannot find my clothes. we are hurrying because the bungalow is filthy and a maid is coming. I cannot find my clothes. I pause to admire my naked body in a small mirror. As I look in the mirror I see on a couch behind me a man from work who attempts to flirt with me too much even though I wear a ring. He is taking a photo of me. I am angry and I ask why he doesn’t understand. The maid arrives, she is a maid from a past office who always used to tell me she wanted to die. She wasn’t doing any better. I look for my clothes in the bedsheets and finds French bulldog in the process of eating itself. He is only just starting to bleed profusely, but continues undeterred.


Dream 2:

I am in a trailer visiting an old friend I have lost touch with. She has left her husband and child and is living with a woman I don’t know. We get very high, like old times. Her bedroom is full of kittens. I pick them all up, I lay with them on the floor, I am in a pile of kittens. When I get up I am covered in worms. The worms are all over me, under my clothes. I strip to peel the hundreds of worms off of me. The woman I do not know tells me I need to leave and calls the police. I leave my clothes, still covered in worms, and head for the train. The lighting is even worse than usual.


psychic difficulties

I dreamed my job was to kill. I was reluctant with a large gun. It was my eternal sentence to murder people and animals who were sentenced to be murdered. When I missed, the deer or the man would scream and scold me for things that only I know.

And yet in all of my nightmares I have this awareness of one orchestrator who sets them all up and ties them all together, who oversees and judges all.
Exiled from my thoughts he unwittingly wreaks havoc on my subconscious.


I had a dream the other night that I let a girl at a party borrow my new favorite earrings. I bought them on ebay when I was drunk. She disappeared and then the party ended.

Last night, I dreamed I had a tongue piercing, and I kept taking it out and putting it back in. I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t feel anything. I kept putting it through my tongue and taking it out, and each time the bar grew longer and it became more and more awkward to put the ring through, but I kept running it through the hole until I tore my tongue partially apart.

Perhaps all of the holes in me were elective at one point. Maybe I do not wish to heal.